Star Wars Snow Globe!


  • Small glass jar with lid (baby food jars work great)
  • Acrylic or spray paint
  • Strong glue (not water-soluble)
  • Plastic bottle cap
  • Star Wars toy miniatures
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin or clear dish soap (optional)
  • Chunky silver or white glitter


    Clean out a small glass jar. Paint the jar lid using acrylic or spray paint.



    Using strong craft glue (that’s not water-soluble), secure your Star Wars miniature to the bottle cap to serve as a stand. That way you’ll be able to see your miniature better in the globe. Then glue the bottle cap to the inside center of the jar lid. Let this dry.



    Fill your jar almost to the top with distilled water. Add a few drops of glycerin or clear dish soap to keep the glitter from falling too fast. Then add silver or white glitter — or both — to the water.

    Place glue along the rim of the jar opening and inside the lid. Make sure you have enough water to fill the jar, but not so much that it spills. Then, screw the lid on tightly. Let it dry overnight.


    Turn the glitter globe right-side up and shake, shake, shake!


One thought on “Star Wars Snow Globe!

  1. Hi there – sounds like a fun project. As a snow globe artist myself, let me recommend one tip. Don’t glue the Star Wars figure directly to the jar lid. Find something plastic that you can use to raise it up a little, so the figure is even with the edge of the lid. (A button, a shallow lid from a water bottle or sports drink would work.) That way you won’t hide any interesting part of the figure.

    Happy shaking!

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