Opinion On Star Wars: Scoundrels

Opinion On Star Wars: Scoundrels

Timothy Zahn has struck again! His new book Scoundrels is absolutely AWESOME!!! Anyway, here is the basic plot.
Han Solo was asked by a man named Eanjer to steal 163,000,000 from Villachor, who is a Black Sun sector chief. Han talks to Rachele Ree about setting up a team to help. Rachele came up with all the people she could find for the job and sent them to Wukkar. There was a list that looked something like this:
Lando Calrissian; gambler
Bink Kitik; ghost thief
Tavia Kitik; electronics expert, ghost thief assistant
Dozer Creed; ship thief
Zerba Cher’dak; pickpocket, sleight-of-hand expert
Winter; living recording rod
Kell Tainer; explosives, droid expert

I was so surprised at what happened on page 393 that it would ruin this whole description. Just read the book!


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