The Science of Star Wars at the San Jose Tech Museum

The Science of Star Wars at the San Jose Tech Museum

Earlier this month, I went to see Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose. The exhibit was filled with props from the movies – models, costumes and much more! Here are several pics from the exhibit – including a tiny Millenium Falcon which was used in the shot where they hide under the Imperial Star Destroyer.  There’s also much larger Millenium Falcon which had a lot of detail, right down to warnings on the ship and blast holes.  The landspeeder pictured was actually used in the movie – including the dolls!  The exhibit will be running until March 23rd.  For more information, please visit
IMG_3549 IMG_3552 IMG_3544 IMG_3543 IMG_3539 IMG_3540 IMG_20140109_120501742_HDR IMG_20140109_115610865_HDR IMG_20140109_115921494_HDR IMG_3566 IMG_20140109_121131339_HDR IMG_20140109_121419628_HDR IMG_20140109_123511038_HDR

IMG_20140109_112938088_HDR IMG_20140109_113213942_HDR IMG_20140109_113639472_HDR IMG_20140109_113613335_HDR

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