C-3PO Gets New Arm?

Looks like C-3PO will have a red arm according to various merchandise photos for the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In this photo of a play table from the UK, C-3PO’s left arm isn’t its normal golden color. Speculation is that it might be a temporary repair. More coverage can be found here.

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New SW Merch at Hot Topic and Uniqlo

As coincidence would have it, both Uniqlo and Hot Topic are promoting new Star Wars items (as is Toys R Us). Uniqlo announced a new Star Wars T-shirt line featuring 23 designs by different artists, chosen from over 5000 international entries. The full line can be seen here. These are some of the highlights:




Likewise, Hot Topic sent out an email blast with such items as…


Millenium Falcon Car Shade (sorry for the poor quality of the image)


Light Saber BBQ Fork


Death Star Tea Strainer

Loads of good stuff can be seen here.

With Mother’s Day, Graduation and Father’s Day coming up, these items are perfect for any SW fan!