Disneyland Star Wars Update

Website Miceage is reporting that the first phase of the Tomorrowland/Star Wars makeover was approved. The Astro Orbiter will be moved and the Peoplemover tracks removed to make way for a new design.

The Imagineers have been given characters and plotlines from Episode 7 to help them with the first phase. The Millenium Falcon walk-through, Tatooine cantina and Ewok speeder bike ride have been pushed back to Phase 2.


Star Wars is taking over Tomorrowland!!!!!!

So there’s a Star Tours in Disneyland which has to do with Star Wars, right? Well, Some people just want more Star Wars attractions at Disneyland (like me). These are their plans:

  • The Astro Orbiter will be removed from its current location to the upper plaza of Space Mountain and a walk-through Millennium Falcon its place.
  • The Tomorrowland Terrace will become Mos Eisley Cantina.
  •  Innoventions, or the air-conditioned place, will team up with Autopia to create a speeder bike track. 


Star Tours!

I went on Star Tours for my first time today! In the line there was this droid that kept making jokes. One of the jokes was,” Why do hands come in pairs? Because you’re not Han Solo!” Once I got on the ride and the doors closed I got sooo excited! On the part when Darth Vader comes out and starts forcing the craft around, I started yelling, “Hi, Darth Vader! What’s up!”  When Admiral Akbar appeared on the screen on a hologram, everyone was silent, but I said, “Hi, Admiral Akbar!” I was very disappointed when the ride ended. New favorite ride at Disneyland! Here’s a video that I did not take.